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  • only rentals are possible; for home exchanges click here;
  • everyone can contact premium members; only premium members can contact basic members;
  • premium members have the option to receive automatic emails about new houses/destinationss, if there is a match with the selection criteria you used with 'availbale houses on my destination' and 'available destinations for my house';
  • price per house is only 10 euro per year; price per destination is only 5 euro per year;
  • country where based is the Netherlands;
  • language is english;
  • there is no limit on the numer of houses a landlord can add;
  • there is no limit on the number of destinations a tenant can add;
  • as premium member you can add houses/destinations to your favorites; next time you can just select the favorites;
  • at the moment we have a RSS feed with the latest houses in XML ( so you need a own feedreader) and coupled with the feedreader feedburner which you can add to the favorites of your browser;
  • 3 weeks before the membership of your house/destination reaches the enddate you receive an email to inform you about this situation;
  • the membership fee goes to the hosting, maintaining, marketing and further developping of the site;
  • photos and videos of holiday houses are linked to homesforholidays via a link from your own site or google photo organizer, google video organizer or whatever other site that gives you the possiblility to add photos and videos; so the number of photos and the length of the video is dependent of the available space you have or you get, which is always far enough to show your house and neighbourhood at all sigths;
  • you can select houses/destinations in a circle of 'your number of kilometres' around your destination/house;
  • the site is based on googlemaps with a lot of facilities that google maps offers;
  • you can select all new listings since your last login (remembered by the site) or since any other selected date;
  • last minutes: homes and destinations in next month, via the site and RSS;
  • more advanced searches if necessary;
  • selecting available information for your house/destination on the internet;
  • testimonials
  • suggestions of our members and visitors;
  • ...
Map control (or click on Navigation-button in map)
  • zoom in and out is possible in 3 ways,
    1) by using the controls on the lefthandside of the map,
    2) by left or right mouse doubleclicking in the map (the position where you click becomes the new center of the map),
    3) by pointing at the map and using the mousewheel (if you don't point at the map than normal page scrolling takes place);
  • moving the map is possible in 2 ways,
    1) by using the controls on the lefthandside of the map,
    2) by leftmousedown at the map and dragging the map.